Bakersfield wins SCWA Southeast Conference Tournament Championship

Bakersfield won the Southeast Conference Tournament championship
Bakersfield won the Southeast Conference Tournament championship

After sweeping through the dual matches in the Southeast Conference, Bakersfield College outscored all of the other schools at the conference tournament on Saturday. The Renegades compiled 143 team points and edged out second place West Hills-Lemoore College, who finished with 137 points. Bakersfield also had five of the 10 weight champions.

Below are the place winners and team points:

125 Pounds
1st Place - Pedro Ramirez (Bakersfield)
2nd Place - Ezequiel Villeda (West Hills-Lemoore)

133 Pounds
1st Place - Pedro Corona (Bakersfield)
2nd Place - Marco Velasquez (Bakersfield)
3rd Place - Trevor Bass (Victor Valley)
4th Place - CJ Fox (Cuesta)
5th Place - Daniel Labastida (Moorpark)

141 Pounds
1st Place - Adrian Marrufo (West Hills-Lemoore)
2nd Place - Victor Daza (Cuesta)
3rd Place - Salvador Soto (West Hills-Lemoore)
4th Place - Mark Rodriguez (Bakersfield)
5th Place - Louis Angel (East Los Angeles)

149 Pounds
1st Place - Emmett Kuntz (Bakersfield)
2nd Place - Jace Heryford (Cuesta)
3rd Place - Bailey Perez (West Hills-Lemoore)
4th Place - Ahmad Shalabi (East Los Angeles)
5th Place - Tony Iniguez (West Hills-Lemoore)
6th Place - Justin Feldman (Moorpark)

157 Pounds
1st Place - Jose Paez (West Hills-Lemoore)
2nd Place - Devin Top (Moorpark)
3rd Place - Robert (Nathan) Tabarez (Cuesta)
4th Place - Brandon Acosta (Bakersfield)

165 Pounds
1st Place - Brayden Riley (Bakersfield)
2nd Place - Declan Mylett (Cuesta)
3rd Place - Angel Robles (West Hills-Lemoore)

174 Pounds
1st Place - Jeronimo Cardoso (West Hills-Lemoore)
2nd Place - Christian Rouleau (Cuesta)
3rd Place - Robert Flores (Moorpark)

184 Pounds
1st Place - Jeremy Maas (Bakersfield)
2nd Place - Adrian Godinez (Bakersfield)
3rd Place - Wolfgang Wimmer (Cuesta)
4th Place - Ivan Sevilla (West Hills-Lemoore)
5th Place - Zachary Ortiz (Moorpark)

197 Pounds
1st Place - Kobe Rosas (West Hills-Lemoore)
2nd Place - Zavion Roberson (Bakersfield)
3rd Place - Noah Lossing (Cuesta)
4th Place - Anthony Arrellano (East Los Angeles)

285 Pounds
1st Place - Brandon Sotomayor (East Los Angeles)
2nd Place - Ricky Garcia (West Hills-Lemoore)
3rd Place - Antonio Ramirez (Cuesta)
4th Place - Robert Knight (Moorpark)
5th Place - Juan Comacho (Cuesta)
6th Place -Ramiro Macias (Bakersfield)

1st Place - Bakersfield - 143.0 Team Points
2nd Place - West Hills-Lemoore - 137 Team Points
3rd Place - Cuesta - 111.5 Team Points
4th Place - Moorpark - 49.0 Team Points
5th Place - East Los Angeles - 39.5 Team Points
6th Place - Victor Valley - 13.0 Team Points