On Pace to Exceed Three Million Hits This Year

Sacramento, CA . . .On January 31, 2014 the California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA) unveiled a newly designed website at The new association site was designed in an effort to not only be more user friendly and cosmetically appealing, but to provide a more centralized location for CCCAA information. The site combined the association’s sports and statistical site,, with the informational website,  In addition, the website has become more easily sought out within search engines for new viewers to find. With this newly designed and centralized site, the CCCAA expects well more than three million hits this year alone.

Complete statistics of viewership can be found below. The Sites column shows the number of unique viewers each month over the last twelve months that have visited the association site. The Visits column emphasizes the total number of viewers that have visited the site and the Pages column breaks down how many page impressions were made, in other words how many total pages within the CCCAA site were pulled up by viewers within that month.

With the website launch taking place on January 31, the numbers prior to that date are from the CCCAA’s old statistical website, Looking at the comparison from January to February it is clear the impact that the new site has had on viewership. The visits total for the first two full months of the website reached roughly 650,000 hits (February and March totals). If this pace continued the site would receive 3,900,000 hits over the course of 12 months.

The CCCAA expects these numbers to continue to rise as more information is compiled onto the website, coach’s associations join under the umbrella URL, and people become more accustomed to the plethora of information available. 

About the CCCAA
The California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA) is the governing body providing oversight of intercollegiate athletics within the California Community College System.  The single largest educational system in the world, with attendance in excess of over 2.6 million students annually, the California Community College system serves one-third of all community college students in the United States.  The CCCAA establishes the rules and regulations to administer the intercollegiate athletic activities of the nearly 27,000 student athletes attending California's community colleges. To view the latest news, information, and updates of all 23 CCCAA-sanctioned sports visit

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