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November 15, 2015 Regional Rankings

SCFA RPI [National Division][American Division]

November 9, 2015
City College of San Francisco (8-1) remains in the No.1 seed for the Northern CA National Division for the fourth consecutive week. Fighting back to the No.2 spot is San Mateo (7-2) after a convincing win over DVC (4-5). In the Southern CA National Division, Long Beach City (8-1) returns to the top spot after a one week hiatus. Golden West (8-1) suffered their first loss on the year over the weekend to Orange Coast (6-3), 17-24, knocking them down to No.4 on the regional polls. Riverside (7-2) is just one point behind LBCC in the rankings, currently sitting at No.2.

In the Northern CA American Division, undefeated Hartnell (9-0) remains No.1 while Santa Monica (9-0) holds the same spot in the South.

Entering into the final week of the regular season there are some pivotal matchups ready to take place, none may be bigger than No.2 San Mateo (7-2) hosting No.1 CCSF in a battle for the top seed in the playoffs. Also in the North, Hartnell plays host to No.2 West Hills (8-1). In Southern CA No.3 Saddleback (7-2) will travel to No.4 Golden West where both teams are trying to keep their playoff hopes alive. 

NCFC RPI - Nov.9

November 2, 2015
In the NCFC National Division San Francisco (7-1) remains the top ranked team for the third week in a row. They're now on a four game win streak with just two weeks left in the regular season. In the SCFA National Division there's a new No.1 in Golden West (8-0). Over the weekend Long Beach (7-1) was handed their first loss on the season by host Riverside (6-2), 34-14, to drop the Vikings down to the No.2 rank. GWC is now the only undefeated team in the National Divisions. 

In the NCFC American Division Hartnell (8-0) takes over the top spot as Contra Costa (7-1) who's been on top all season suffered their first loss over the weekend to Shasta (6-2), 34-21. In the SCFA American Division Santa Monica (8-0) holds onto the No.1 rank for the third week in a row. 

NCFC RPI - Nov.2

SCFA RPI - Nov.2


October 26, 2015
City College of San Francisco (6-1) and Long Beach City College (7-0) remain on top of the regional rankings for the second week in a row. CCSF comes off of a win over Santa Rosa (4-3), dropping the Bear Cubs to No.6, while LBCC enjoyed a bye week only to travel to Riverside (5-2) in what could be a pivital matchup in week 9. Right behind LBCC in the South is the other undefeated team, Golden West (7-0), with just five points seperating the two in the ranks.

In the American Divisions, Contra Costa remains No.1 (7-0) as does Santa Monica (7-0). The only other undefeated team in the American Divisions is Hartnell (7-0) who trails CCC at No.2. 

NCFC RPI - Oct.26


October 19, 2015
City College of San Francisco (5-1) and Long Beach City College (7-0) take over as the new No.1's in this week's regional rankings. Previous North No.1, San Mateo (4-2), fell to Santa Rosa (4-2), 17-14, after a field goal in the final moments of the game. CSM drops to No.4 in the NCFC National Division. LBCC remains one of just two undefeated teams in the SCFA National Division with Golden West (6-0) being the other. GWC moves to No.2.

In the NCFC American Division Contra Costa (6-0) stays at No.1 with Hartnell (5-0) just behind them. Santa Monica (6-0) overtakes Victor Valley (5-1) for the No.1 spot in the SCFA South division after VVC's one point defeat to San Bernardino (5-1) over the weekend.


October 5, 2015
Riverside City (4-0) remains on top of the SCFA regional polls through week five of competition. Long Beach City (5-0) now stands alone at No.2 after a double OT win over Mt. SAC and Canyons (5-0) and Golden West (5-0) tie for third. In the NCFC San Mateo (4-1) takes over the top spot after defeating former No.1, American River (3-2), 42-10. San Francisco (4-1) climbs back up to No.2 and ARC claims the No.3 rank in this complicated NCFC Division.

In the SCFA American Division Victor Valley (5-0) is still on top with Santa Monica (4-0) close behind. The NCFC American Division has Contra Costa (5-0) still at No.1 with Hartnell (5-0) in the No.2 spot.

Week 6 of competition will be slim as the NCFC is on a bye week as is the SCFA American Division in large part. Due to this, there will be no regional polls next week, they will resume on October 19.


September 28, 2015
At the conclusion of week 4 in the CCCAA football season Riverside (3-0) holds the No.1 national division ranking in the South while Long Beach (4-0) and Canyons (4-0) remain tied for second. After a wild week in the North, American River (3-1) jumps from No.6 to No.1 after handing San Francisco (3-1) their first loss on the year, and following a San Mateo (3-1) loss to Delta (2-2). CSM remains in the No.2 spot while Modesto (3-1) holds onto No.3; and the only remaining undefeated team in the division, Sequoias (4-0), stays put at No.4.  

In the NCFC American Division Contra Costa remains on top at 4-0. In the SCFA American Division Victor Valley (4-0) still holds the top spot but gives up some ground to No.2 Santa Monica (3-0) and No.3 San Bernardino (4-0) as those point totals get closer.

Week 5 should prove to answer many questions in a jumbled NCFC national division as No.2 San Mateo will host No.1 American River and now No.5 seeded San Francisco hosts No.3 Modesto.


September 21, 2015
In the first CCCAA/CCCFCA regional poll City College of San Francisco narrowly claims the top rank in the North, eclipsing San Mateo by just one point. In the South, Riverside claims the top rank while Long Beach City and Canyons tie for second.

The Northern CA American Division leader is Contra Costa while Hartnell sits at No.2 with the only other undefeated record in the division. In the Southern CA American Division Victor Valley College claims the top seed. 


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