Cerritos, East Los Angeles and Long Beach City finish as tied as 2014 Tri-SCC Baseball Champions

It's the second time in SCC history that the championship was split three ways, the other in 2007 between Cerritos, El Camino and LA Harbor. It is the eighth time that the title was shared. Co-champions took place in 2002, 2000, 1996, 1989, 1988, and 1975.

It is the first baseball title for Cerritos since 2011 and 25th in its history.

It is the first baseball title for East Los Angeles since 2005 and fourth in its SCC history (the others 2004 and 2000).

It is the first baseball title for Long Beach since 2009 and fifth in its South Coast history (others 2006, 1996, 1989).

**Five SCC teams have advanced to the postseason

In Single-Elimination Play-in games on Tuesday, April 29.

No. 15 East Los Angeles (23-13) hosts No. 18 College of the Canyons (19-6-1) No. 16 Mt. San Antonio (20-15) hosts No. 17 El Camino (22-14).

In Best 2-of-3 First Round Series, Friday-Saturday, May 2-3 No. 5 Cerritos (24-12) hosts No. 12 LA Pierce (19-16-1) No. 14 Long Beach (21-15) at No. 3 Santa Ana (25-11)

If ELAC wins, it would play at No. 2 Oxnard (27-9) If ELAC loses, Mt. SAC wins, Mt. SAC would play at Oxnard If ELAC loses, El Camino wins, El Camino would play at Oxnard If ELAC wins, Mt. SAC wins, Mt. SAC plays at No. 1 Orange Coast (27-9) If ELAC wins, El Camino wins, El Camino plays at Orange Coast


***The Final Reg. Season SCC Baseball Standings are located at the link below, lower portion of the page, below Pacific Coast above Western State North.



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